A little bit about the photographer ...

Hi! I’m Laura, a photographer based in  Ontario. I have been taking photos ever since I can remember with sincere passion for all things photogenic. Anything from beautiful light of all kind, amazing food, the crazy in love, and scenic places. I love those candid moments that produce the least amount of constriction and the most amazing memories. A photograph is so much more than a frozen moment in time. It’s a remarkable way to keep alive a moment you might want to relive.


Photographs have ALWAYS been a huge part of my life. I remember sitting around the kitchen table with the huge box of family photos laughing, telling stories about the moment and enjoying the memories captured. If I am not photographing a wedding, you might find me with a nice cup of coffee sitting in nature enjoying the sunshine. I love all kinds of plants and honestly, who knew they make amazing backgrounds for photos. I bring the same passion and dedication to each individual job that I would if it were for me personally. I would love to connect with you and make some life-lasting memories together.


Down below you will find some photos from my very own personal collection, that I have taken over the years. Feel free to browse through and get to know me personally through my work as an individual and as an artist.

Self Portrait by me

A shot of me taken behind the scenes working a wedding  Photo taken by my second photographer Olivia Vigneault

Behind the scenes working product at Magic Molecule - located in Ottawa, Ontario

My Personal Gallery