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Heyoooo, Laura here! A small town photographer based in Ontario. I have been taking photos ever since I can remember with sincere passion for all things photogenic. Anything from beautiful light of all kind, amazing food, the crazy in love, and scenic places. I love those raw moments that produce the least amount of constriction and the most amazing memories. I am very passionate about visually telling your story and also much more comfortable behind the camera than in front!

If I don't have my camera in hand, you might find me blasting 80's music on a long and unnecessary drive or watching space videos on youtube. Fun fact: I'm a terrible cook, but can bake you a cake without starting a fire. My whole life I have been known as LOUD and for that I blame my loud Italian family of many siblings. You can thank them later! I love all kinds of plants and honestly, I don't know much about them, also who knew they make such amazing backgrounds for photos!

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