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Hey you! I wanna get to know ya!

hey you !

I wanna get to know ya

This fun little questionnaire is designed to make things run smoothly for when we hangout, and create some pretty amazing moments together. I've created this for you so I'm able to get to know you both a little better as a couple and learn more about your story to help with creating and capturing moments that are 100% authentically YOU 

Those genuine, effortless, beautiful candids and real time moments documented in your collection. 

  giggles  -  cuddles  -  cute butt pokes  -  piggy backs  -   little kisses

all of it


Most importantly, have fun with this questionnaire! Make it into a mini date night! Either way, I can’t wait to read your answers.
Snuggle up and lets hear your story.

Oh and the more details you add, THE BETTER!

What sounds like your ideal engagement session ?
Was it love at first sight?
What time of year would you love for your session to take place?

Thanks for submitting!

OKAY no more boring stuff, now on to the fun part!

Alright, let's do this!

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